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At NetElixir, we don’t just understand the unique challenges and opportunities that cosmetic brands like you face in the digital realm – we thrive on them!

Our AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights, was meticulously engineered for one solution: earn you more revenue at the same spend.

Over 600 Brands & Beauty Leaders Have Trusted Our Strategic Insights, Including:

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Power of LXRInsights At A Glance

Harnessing the remarkable insights generated by our AI, combined with our unrivaled digital expertise, we deliver consistently glamorous results driving more revenue at your same spend. It’s time to elevate your brand to new heights, leaving your competitors in the dust.
  • More revenue, same spend
  • Enhanced audience targeting and retention capabilities
  • Brings back similar audiences to help continually win new customers
  • Shares personalized insights into high-value customer journey
  • One-click integration to launch retargeting campaigns on Google and Meta for more efficient targeting and predictable wins
  • Customers acquired using LXRI audience inputs were nearly 2X more valuable over a 12-month period compared to customers acquired using only Google audiences.

Key Results Of Beauty Clients Using LXRInsights:

  • $500K in incremental revenue using same spend – driving 2% more revenue from paid media at no increased cost
  • 60%+ greater ROAS for high-value customer segments and similar audiences compared to regular audiences
  • 2X CVR of high-value customer segments compared to regular audiences

Meet Sophia, Beauty’s High-Value Customer

  • She’s a mobile-native, primarily searching and shopping on her phone
  • She makes her shopping decisions quickly, usually within 3 days
  • She usually takes her lunch break with a side of online shopping, purchasing around 12 PM
  • She likes a bargain, but also prefers sustainable, clean products

How Does Knowing Sophia Help You?

  • Sophia’s customer journey should be used as a benchmark for your own customers’ journey and habits
  • Adjust your marketing strategy to ensure you are live when Sophia is most likely to be searching and shopping online to capitalize on her intent
  • Understand more about where the beauty industry is heading to ensure your brand is future-ready
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