Youtube SEO Strategies That Get Results

Make the second largest and most engaging search engine on the web an active component of your marketing funnel.


Why Expand into YouTube for Marketing?

YouTube has exploded in popularity to become the world’s second-largest search engine, presenting a can’t-miss opportunity for brands that produce video content and a highly beneficial new medium to expand audiences. In fact, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video, and online videos are projected to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.

Our SEO solutions offer wide-ranging benefits to your business, from the adoption of vital emerging trends like voice search, to robust training resources, premier industry partnerships, and much more.

How NetElixir Boosts Your Channel

Our experts look at your channel and identify those videos with superior audience engagement and overall performance metrics to help you identify what your users want to see. This is a vital component for providing direction for your future video creation efforts. Video can mean an intense investment of time, staff, and resources. NetElixir ensures that investment is in your favor.

NetElixir’s YouTube SEO experts then work with you to build sub-channels of topically related content through strategic interlinking within descriptive content and use of YouTube’s most potent engagement tool--related videos. So you keep users engaged and on your channel, giving your brand excellent exposure.

Finally, we look at ways to build your channel so it acts as an active piece of your marketing funnel that moves people from gaining the information they want from your channel to getting the product or service they need from your e-commerce site. Essentially, we turn your YouTube channel into one of your best calls to action.

NetElixir YouTube Capabilities and Tactics:

Through our full-channel audits, we’ll determine a step-by-step action plan to identify those videos that are performing well and should be leveraged for even greater overall video performance. We’ll also mark those videos currently underperforming which can benefit the fastest from simple improvement steps in order to strengthen your video footprint through all searches related to your channel.

  • Full-scale measuring of key performance indicators such as likes, dislikes, comments, upload date, and current video performance level
  • Generation of complete lists of key terms currently associated with a video and those that should be targeted for complete channel performance enhancement
  • Playlist and related content development strategy to increase user time on channel and engagement with your brand
  • Video title, tag, and description writing and related content link use for enhanced performance on an individual video basis

Bring Video to Your SEO Strategy

Let NetElixir’s team bring their expertise and tools to your video channel today. Augmenting your overall SEO strategy with YouTube videos and playlists developed using the right tags, descriptions, and use of related content is a proven way to expand your existing audience and boost total user engagement. Add NetElixir to your business team to make your video channel and the second largest search engine on the internet work for you.