Amazon Marketing Solutions

Establish and grow your brand on Amazon with insights and expertise that will help you develop a winning marketplace strategy.


Thrive On One of the World’s Largest Online Marketplaces

Amazon has emerged as a rapidly growing ad channel that can help retailers connect with previously untapped audiences. With Amazon Prime membership at over 105 million and climbing - and 30% of those users shopping exclusively on Prime - online retailers can’t afford to site on the sidelines. At NetElixir, our holistic approach means Amazon and other marketplaces play a specific role in your overall strategy for increasing sustainable revenue. We leverage these ecosystems to learn from both customers and competition, expediting the growth process with extensive testing and learning.

Our intimate understanding of the customer journey and how campaigns cooperate across platforms reveals revenue opportunities along with powerful product insights. The result is a treasure trove of comprehensive, actionable data that will drive sales on Amazon and beyond.


We take full advantage of Amazon’s capabilities to provide measurable impact through these key objectives:

  • Increase Sales: We use product targeting to uncover profitability opportunities and high-performing items, identifying associated keywords that are the most efficient drivers. Our approach optimizes campaign setup, product coverage, keyword strategy, and bid management to drive revenue, turning your marketplace presence into a reliable channel.

  • Build Your Brand: Your brand is as much about the effort put into your business as it is the sum of your customers’ perceptions. We provide recommendations for best practices, maximizing your presence and reshaping the way you speak to users. These changes help you stand out from the competition and tailor your message for marketplaces.
  • Produce Vital Research: Amazon is an excellent testing ground, providing feedback not just in user reviews but also in product and campaign performance. Gaining a deeper understanding of the role each of your products plays in your marketing mix gives us key data about how to structure your Amazon campaigns effectively. This, in turn, allows us to determine which products will perform better on your website and what new product development will be beneficial for your business.


Knowing which of your products to sell on Amazon can mean all the difference between success and failure on the platform. We unite customer and business insights across your website and marketplace presence, driving brand awareness, increasing favorability, and lowering funnel activity. By integrating your Amazon channel, we better align your business goals with the roles each of your products play.

In order to develop a plan of action that best fits your business and the products you sell, we apply our strategic model to identify which items you should promote on Amazon. We begin with a ROI/ Competitiveness Grid, evaluating ROI and competitive intensity to determine the appropriate strategy for each of your products. These results are then mapped onto our Amazon Sponsored Products Pyramid, which forms a hierarchy ranging from products not to promote (bottom) to those that should receive most of your focus (top).


We believe that when you stop learning, you stop growing. That’s why we use marketplaces like Amazon as a continuous source of knowledge to strengthen your overall digital marketing strategy. Our team achieves this with the following approaches:

The NetElixir Playbook: Keeping track of your product data, campaign performance, and testing hypotheses along with their results creates a thorough profile that reveals untapped potential. Amazon only provides data from the past 30 days, but we store a year’s worth of information to offer more context and better inform your strategy. Our “playbook” is regularly updated by our analysts and shared with you so you have the same insights Amazon uses.

Tracking the Competition: We stay on top of your competitors’ prices, sales, and campaign deployment to spot gaps where we know ads for your products can seize an opportunity. Acting quickly gives your business chances to win key moments in each part of the customer journey, expanding your market share and cultivating brand loyalty.

Funnel-Specific Tactics: We determine the best campaign types to tackle each moment through the purchase funnel, using Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, and Product Display Ads when they’re best suited to your overall marketing strategy. Your messaging is curated with each metric in mind, because we know that connecting with a customer requires a specific approach, from initial click to final conversion.


My eCommerce business is already doing great, do I even need to advertise on Amazon?

Every business in 2020 should consider Amazon as a key channel to grow their revenue. Amazon is set to become the largest online marketplace by 2021, so if you offer popular and unique products you should consider utilizing this platform.

What are the different ways to advertise on Amazon?

Amazon has several methods of advertising to reach your potential customers. Some of the most popular methods include Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads and Sponsored Display ads. Depending on which option you choose, you could get higher conversions. Generally, the Amazon advertising spend is low and the return is high. Our team can help you with the right advertising strategy for your unique business.

I’d like to drive sales on Amazon, however, the marketplace is really eating up my margins. How can I drive growth on Amazon in a way that will not impact my margins?

Many businesses struggle managing their margins while advertising on Amazon due to the marketplace fees and returns policy. Our team can help you understand the various aspects of marketplace fees and their impact on your margins.

Amazon seems like an expensive option. Will I get a similar ROI as other paid channels by advertising on Amazon?

Many businesses see a significant increase in sales by selling on Amazon as most product searches and transactions today happen on this platform. Our team can help you with a strategy that is aligned with your business goals.

Does the Amazon price of my product affect rankings and conversions?

Your product price can play a huge role in the success of your Amazon advertising campaigns. Using the right pricing strategies to increase your rankings, conversions and revenue is crucial for your business. Our team of experts can help in defining a strategy that fits your products and will drive more ROI.

What is the ideal ACoS for my business? How do I calculate it in order to measure the success of my campaigns?

An ideal ACoS on Amazon really depends on several factors, but generally you’d like to hit 20% and below. When selling products on Amazon, this would be one of the most important metrics to follow. To determine your ACoS Amazon simply divides your ad spend by the total amount of revenue.

Do you manage amazon advertising for regions outside of the US?

Yes, our team currently works on Amazon advertising campaigns in the US and select European countries.

Do you also help create a Brand Store on Amazon? Is the pricing for brand store setup included in the agency fees?

Yes, we recognize the strong interplay between your organic and paid performance. We do offer brand store setup and management as part of our services. We have a one-time setup fee for the brand store. Once the store is set up, the ongoing management fee is included in the agency fee.