We began in a small apartment, back when twitter was just the sound a bird made.
Today, we have much nicer offices around the globe, where we serve over 200 clients.

But we did keep one cherished item from that old apartment. We kept our independence. Because our first responsibility will always be to our clients, many of whom become our friends. So when you visit any of our offices today, you'll find them filled with not only brilliant and creative professionals, but also responsible people.

The kind who are driven only by our client’s success.

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Digital marketing with a pulse.

Our research has blazed new trails in the world of digital marketing and has been featured in prominent on-line publications such as Marketing Sherpa, Search Marketing Daily, e Marketer, Internet Retailer and more!

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Poverty is the eternal enemy of opportunity.

Few understand this more than young girls in rural India.

Many bright and ambitious girls, who dream of a better life, have to surrender those dreams to an age-old reality - they could never afford the education they need to escape.

The Flight Foundation is there to keep hope alive and help these young girls change their destiny.

It provides them with college scholarships and job placements, to help as many young girls as it can get the education and skills they need to be part of the modern world.

Finally, they will find the empowerment and opportunity to choose their own path and to be free of an enemy that has always haunted them.

We hope it’s the beginning of change.