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Our New Look!

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Tulika and I started NetElixir in 2004 with a very simple purpose – helping marketers run successful search marketing programs.

As with any start up, we knew that it would take dollops of passion, persistence and luck before we got an opportunity to realize our purpose. With characteristic optimism that typifies a start up, we designed our website. And, our NetElixir logo.The globe in our logo was meant to convey our global ambitions.Our tagline – Making Search Work – conveyed our purpose.

Over the past 8+ years we have had the opportunity to work with over 200 clients in the US and Europe. Our unwavering focus on driving results and continuously adapting, innovating and learning helped us make significant impact on our clients’ business. During these initial years, as we were validating the purpose of NetElixir’s existence, a very important thing happened. Our business slowly developed its soul.

We struggled to find a way to define this – we simply called it our “X Factor”.

Last year, around June, we started an active re-branding process – a structured attempt at defining and communicating our “X Factor”.

Through the process, we came up with a simple yet meaningful positioning statement (using the structure popularized by Geoffrey Moore in Crossing the Chasm):

To e-commerce companies that place a high value on growing their business, NetElixir is the around the clock search marketing company that drives results and provides empowerment, confidence & knowledge, through an energetic, customer centric, and fanatical/analytical approach to digital marketing technology and service.

We designed the new logo and opted for a bold tagline (search marketing solved). We re-designed our website – netelixir.wpengine.com  and re-designed all our marketing communication material.

We chose to convey our “X factor” through X=.