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NetElixir Search Engine Marketing Highlights 2014

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Looking back at 2014, NetElixir has had quite an eventful year! It was full of taking on exciting projects, meeting all kinds of new people and developing several proprietary algorithms and tools to make search marketing easier. At the same time, NetElixir University worked to stay up to date with the latest SEM and PPC trends and shared them with all of our followers.

We believe in knowledge. Whether you have a million-dollar marketing budget or are just looking to test the waters in search marketing, it is always reassuring to have some guidance from the folks who have been there before. To wrap up a busy 2014, we have compiled NetElixir University members’ favorite search marketing highlights into a single downloadable zip file. That way you can catch up on any topics you may have missed or revisit some while reflecting and planning for the New Year. Download the package and check out NetElixir University’s Best Content Pieces of 2014!

This zip file contains 5 blogs and accompanying infographics, pdf versions of 5 webinars as well as our whitepaper on mobile traffic and conversion trends.  Here is a summary of the included blogs and webinars:

Blog: Why Dynamic Remarketing Means More E-Commerce Conversions

Ever have users who follow the click-conversion path all the way to the shopping cart, only to jump off and never be heard from again? Dynamic Remarketing allows you to target those users with a specific product and drive relevant traffic back to your site to complete a purchase. We took you through step-by-step on how to setup Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns.

Blog: The 4 Essential M’s of Google Shopping Campaigns (Infographic)

Manage, Measure, Monitor, Maximize – is the key success mantra for Google Shopping Campaigns. By following our customized tips and strategies, we showed you how to use this mantra to your campaign’s advantage to optimally classify your products, track competitor benchmark data and much more.

Blog: More Than Just Data Analytics Answers from Two Experts

Google Analytics can be an extremely powerful tool to convert your raw data into valuable insights to build effective online customer acquisition campaigns. We showed you several methods to get the most out of your Google Analytics data, including some must-read insights from our CEO Udayan Bose and Analytics Director Don Rodriguez.

Blog: Analyzing How Millennials Are Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

The travel industry has been revolutionized by mobile consumers. When tech-savvy millennials are looking for travel arrangements, they search on a mobile device first and 32% book their final reservations from a smartphone. If you are from, or interested in the travel industry, this is a must-read to understand how we helped one of our travel clients achieve a 39% increase in conversion rates and a 29% increase in bookings – all in the span of just 4 months!

Blog: Ideas Meet Imagination at the X=Experience

Our second X=Experience became a reality on 9/23/2014. We created X=Experience in 2013 with an ambitious goal of bringing the best minds from retail and academia together to foster relationships and new knowledge about the digital marketing space. This year, Prof. Sheena Iyengar, Prof. Ryan Buell and 50 other attendees discussed various topics from research insights to practical ideas. This blog covered the key take-aways from this year’s event.

Webinar: Making Sense of the Hype – Mobile Traffic Trends (White Paper)

We presented our in-depth research findings on mobile site adoption, conversions, AOVs and search advertising and showed you why all e-commerce businesses should consider mobile advertising regardless of their previous mobile experience. We also suggested strategic questions to help you evaluate when investing in a mobile experience is the right move for your business.

Webinar: The U.S. Millennial Traveler Leading a Travel Revolution

We were amazed to see how the digital travelers, the millennials, revolutionized the travel industry! To further our in-house research, we joined hands with the unrivaled provider of travel, tourism and hospitality market research, PhoCusWright, to bring you game-changing insights into your understanding of the travel business.

Webinar: The Real Impact of a Mobile-Friendly Site on Customer Engagement

A recent Google survey showed that 61% of users are unlikely to revisit a website that is not mobile friendly. Mobile users actively seek out and prefer to engage with mobile-friendly sites. In this webinar, we shared our key findings from our study on the ecommerce impact a mobile-friendly site can have.

Webinar: The Power of Google Analytics: How a $50MM Business Cut CPL by 44%

Google Analytics is not as easy as it seems; expertise is more valuable than the tool itself. Without it, the tool can be used incorrectly, generating data that is difficult to use for effective strategies. We taught you how Predictive Analytics with Data Mining can bring value to your business using the real world experience of a mid-sized B2B business.

Webinar: Research Insights for Crafting Successful AdWords Ad Copies

Paid search marketing offers limited real estate for your message, putting extra importance on creating strong ad copy. Yet, that doesn’t mean you need to be a genius copywriter. In this research insight, we shared some winning yet pragmatic strategies to make your ads stand out against the competition.

Webinar: Creating a Customer Focused Global Search Marketing Plan

One of our prime clients, Lenovo, has rapidly grown in emerging markets and left behind some unique footprints along the way. We have cut apart and analyzed this digital trail to share findings that will help you comprehend what goes on inside the mind of Lenovo’s online shopper.

Happy New Year!

Those are your favorite NetElixir University search marketing highlights from 2014! We hope these valuable insights will help you grow and improve your business in 2015.

Happy New Year, everyone! We look forward to ringing in the New Year with more unique insights for our members in 2015.

Download your NetElixir University SEM 2014 Highlights package here!