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18% of all Searches Originated from Smartphones on Black Friday

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iphone graphic copyWe’ve aggregated the data from this year, and have found that 18.3% of all searches happened from smartphones on Black Friday. 65.2% of all mobile sales happened between 6pm-midnight.

Our findings are based on search marketing led hourly sales data aggregated on Black Friday for 38 large US online retailers (in 7 retail categories representing 120 million search impressions). NetElixir uses proprietary search marketing analytics technology, LXRRetail, for data aggregation and analysis.

The findings pertain to Black Friday (11/29/2013) and Cyber Monday (12/2/2013).

Summary of the findings:

  • 18.3% of all product searches on Black Friday originated from smartphones. (Chart 1)
  • 65.2% of all smartphone orders came between 6pm and midnight. (As against 54.4% of all orders from PC and tablets). (Chart 2)
  • Average Cost Per Click for a search ad from smartphone was 32% lower compared to PC searches.
  • Mobile searches accounted for 20% or more of total searches before 9am and after 9pm.

Chart 1: (Searches from smartphone/Total searches) per day-part

black friday data1

Chart 2: Percentage of Total Black Friday Orders per Day-Part

black friday data 2


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