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Holiday Webinar Recap

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We predict a brutally competitive holiday season.

That why our recent webinar, {Winning Strategies for this Holiday Season: Predictions & Recommendations}, provided the right information to bring your holiday marketing plan to life.

The basis of our forecast included these factors:

  • Ongoing analysis of ecommerce and search engine marketing metrics for our customer base of midsize and large customers with > $350 MM online revenue (Nov-Dec.)

  • We’ve been taking this type of data since August 2008.

  • We’ve considered 450 million session across four verticals including Food & Gourmet, Home & Décor, Gifting, and Consumer Electronics.

We predict a slower than usual online sales this holiday season – 1 11% Y/Y growth. There’s three factors that are responsible for this delayed ecommerce growth:

  • Advancement of holiday purchases. For example, Christmas in July.

  • Shift of website sales to marketplaces does not lead to overall incremental ecommerce growth for merchants.

  • Election year uncertainties.

Yet, there’s two forces that will still support a double digit Y/Y eccomerce growth:

  • Mobile shopping will continue to surge. We estimate 30% of online purchases will happen through mobile phones.

  • Better integrated fulfillment. For example, “near me” searches coupled with “buy online, pickup in-store” offers.

Amazon’s share, on the other hand, will grow to at least 28%. (It was 26% in 2015.):

  • 2016 Amazon Holiday Sales Projection = 28% x $77 B = $21.5 B.

  • 2015 Amazon Holiday Sales = 26% X $69.1 B = $18 B.

  • Amazon’s additional holiday bounty = $3.5 B +.

Lucky for you, the team here at NetElixir has the perfect tools to help you succeed in this competitive season.

Download our Holiday Readiness Workbook for 20 proven holiday success strategies and our 2016 Search Marketing Holiday Calendar to plan ahead.

Visit https://www.netelixir.com/holiday2016 for more details.

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