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Holiday Results Match NetElixir’s Forecast

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NetElixir projected a moderate YoY growth of 10.5% and 11% during the holiday season. In comparison, eMarketer forecasted a 17% increase and Deloitte predicted a 17 to 19% growth.

Our conservative estimate was due to three key factors, including:

  • Earlier than usual purchasing of holiday gifts, driven by Prime Day.

  • Retailers using marketplaces instead of directly on their site(s).

  • The uncertain political climate due to the election.

comScore just released their 2017 and guess what? NetElixir is the accurate forecaster in this competitive space! According to both Adobe and comScore, online sales jumped about 11%. Online sales totaled $91.7 billion, up 10.5% from $83.0 billion in 2015. As evident from our MultiChannel Merchant report, NetElixir predicted this back in September 2016.

Our team has been collecting and analyzing data throughout each holiday season and providing actionable insights to our clients. We’ve helped their marketing efforts this crucial time of year.

As the holiday season fades from memory and new year wonder ends, now is the best time to get serious about your 2017 strategy.

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