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Google’s Interface Ideations Updates: What You Need To Know + Insights

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Ever hear the phrase, work smarter not harder? We know marketers spend more hours than needed on tasks sometimes, causing delays in their to-do list. However, with the right data and the right tools, marketers can be unstoppable! Luckily, Google recently announced some major changes that’ll benefit marketing mavens everywhere at their Marketing Next conference. Here’s what you missed:

What are the updates?

  • New AdWords Experience (Search + Video + Display + Shopping)
  • Google Optimize integration with AdWords: Landing page report + test and tailor landing pages in minutes without tech help
  • Surveys 360 integration with AdWords
  • Improved planning workflow in DoubleClick Manager

What are our thoughts on these features?

These tools will help marketers plan, run, and measure advertising across a variety of publisher inventory sources more effectively.

They empower data-driven marketers to market more effectively. This might include planning, tailoring creatives, testing, analyzing, and creating assistive experiences.

Google Optimize and Surveys 360 integration with AdWords was the most exciting update, according to our whole team. These powerful tools enable AdWords marketers to tailor and test messages and creatives within minutes, without the need of a webmaster or a programmer. The result? It leads to more engaging (and less annoying) advertising. (Hurrah!)

The new AdWords interface and improved planning workflow in DoubleClick helps boost a marketer’s efficiency by helping them work smarter.

Now for some actionable insights!

  • New AdWords Experience: Being rolled out after almost eight months of beta period. (Benefits all AdWords marketers by December 2017.)
  • Google Optimize Integration with AdWords: Use consumer insights that you’ve uncovered to run landing page tests on the fly. (Benefits all AdWords marketers that are using Google Optimize.)
  • Surveys 360 Integration with AdWords: Targets select set of customers with surveys to gain a deeper understanding into their buying behavior. (Benefits all AdWords marketers who are able to use Surveys 360.)
  • Improved Workflow in DoubleClick Bid Manager: Use this feature to plan your campaigns better and target audiences more effectively. (Benefits all DoubleClick campaign managers.)

By simplifying the AdWords experience and integrating powerful, yet simple tools (like Optimize and Survey 360), Google is trying to help marketers think “customer first” and create meaningful assistive experiences. It’s about time! For more information about these changes, check out our webinar, What Google’s New Changes Mean for your Brand.

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