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Google’s Audience Innovations: What You Should Know + Insights

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Imagine if you were able to target a user at various points in their customer journey from search to purchase. Instead of guessing or accidentally promoting the wrong product at the wrong time, Google heard your woes. Marketers can now perform everyday tasks efficiently and target customers more accurately. What that really means is, you can finally relax.

What exactly changed?

Intent + Context + Data + Machine Learning now make user engagements more assistive and useful than ever before. Now, let’s break down all those changes:

  • In-market audiences for Google Search and Google Shopping
  • Consumer patterns and life events
  • AMP now available in Search and Display Ads

What our our thoughts on these new features?

In this new age of the connected consumers, marketers really have to excuse to not understand the full customer journey. With this abundance of data and knowledge, marketing messages can be personalized and the power of content can make engagement even more relevant.

As an agency, we’ve been actively championing the use of customer journey analytics in search marketing to gain a deeper understanding of every customer interaction for marketing in a more responsible and streamlined way. Google’s Audience Innovation will make marketers connect with customers in a more contextually relevant manner during the various micro-moments leading to deeper engagement.

Want to know more? We recommend taking a look at our previous webinar with Forrester, The Future of Search Marketing.

Now for some actionable steps!

In-Market Audiences for Search Ads: Build tight campaigns around pre-purchase search queries and activate this feature for search and shopping. (Benefits all retail marketers.)

Consumer Patterns & Life Events on YouTube and Gmail Ads: Establish keyword lists for various life events relevant to your brand. Analyze past customer journey data to gain deeper understanding of various customer touchpoints. Use these insights to run hyper-targeted ads for these in-market audiences. (Benefits most retailers that sell products and services around life events like wedding, graduation, baby shower, etc.)

AMP for Search and Display: Link AMP landing pages to search ads. Use AMP display ads to enhance user experience and engagement. (All marketers need to implement AMP pages and display units.)

Last but not least, don’t forget to sign up for AdWords AMP Beta!

Stay tuned for our next post about Measurement Updates or Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence. Until then, catch up on our latest webinar highlighting what Google’s recent changes mean for your brand!