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Google Authorship: Take Credit for Your Digital Success

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Let’s play out the following scenario shall we.

You took the time out of your hectic schedule to create a website full of unique content well-received by your readers. You go to check Google Analytics and see your bounce rate is way down and your average pages per visit has almost doubled. All signs point to success and you’re well on your way to becoming THE digital voice for your industry.

Now, wouldn’t you want to take credit for all you’ve accomplished? That is the purpose of Google Authorship, which is a way for Google to tie a person with the content on a website.

If you used Google in the past year, you’ve probably seen Google authorship in the search results. The example below shows what happens when you search for Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts.

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The small image of Mr. Cutts right next to the result page serves multiple benefits.

1. It incorporates structured data into the website, the benefits of which are discussed in my previous post.
2. It has shown to improve click through rate, so not only do you get your picture on Google, but you get more visitors to your website!

In fact, certain studies have shown that CTR increased by upwards of 30-40%, sometimes higher.

As an added bonus, implementing Authorship is remarkably simple. All you have to do is click here, enter your personal information, and verify your website. You will also need to make sure your Google+ page contains a picture that can be used for your Authorship.

If you happen to be in an adventurous mood, you can manually implement code onto your website to connect your Google + page and verify your authorship by clicking here.

There are also a number of plugins available for most website platforms that will perform this task for you.

The first page of Google has changed dramatically over the years. As you can see, utilizing every facet of what is available on this first page will help ensure you conquer semantic search and author your own success.

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