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Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets

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Dynamic Structured Snippets

Google’s goal has always been to make search results as useful as possible for the search engine users. To help with this, in September of last year Google introduced ‘structured snippets’, which pulled in their highly specialized Knowledge Graph results into the organic search results. Then, Google extended these structured snippets into paid search results as well.

Now, Google is taking it a step further by adding a new Adwords extension into the mix, called the Dynamic Structured Snippet. These snippets are similar to the ‘structured snippet’ of organic search, as these results are also completely automated.


As of right now, AdWords will show this snippet for retail, hotel and flight searches, although they do plan to add additional verticals later this year. Adwords Dynamic Structured Snippets are automated, so advertisers can’t choose what they want to display. However, advertisers do have the option to opt out, should they not want to show Dynamic Structured Snippets with their ads.

So, how do they work? The Adwords algorithm analyzes relevant ads and then shows the extension where it believes doing so will increase the quality of the ads. Google pulls all the information needed from the specified landing page. Only ads using the ‘Search Network with Display Select’ and ‘Search Network only’ campaign options are eligible for this automated extension for ads in English, globally.

Google has mentioned that this new extension not only helps people in finding out relevant information, but also helps increase the advertiser’s ROI with a better click-through-rate (CTR) and Ad Rank. Considering the positive effects, advertisers who have already opted out can choose to opt back in by filling out this form.

Even better, Dynamic Structured Snippets don’t cost anything extra, just the usual cost of clicks on the ad, like any other ad extension. If you want to check out the performance data for the Dynamic Structured Snippets extension, you can find it from the Ad Extension tab, by selecting the Automated Extension Report from the ‘View’ drop down menu.