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Defining Google’s New Dynamic Sitelinks: What Are They & Why Were They Released?

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Ever heard the saying, “behind every successful paid ad, there’s a sitelink?”

Probably not, but sitelinks allow advertisers to connect users with the exact content they are searching for. In fact, incorporating sitelinks can increase click-through-rates by up to 23%.

To help paid search advertisers generate more clicks, Google is releasing a new, free AdWords feature called Dynamic Sitelinks.

The question is what are Dynamic Sitelinks and why would Google release this  free AdWords upgrade?

What Are Dynamic Sitelinks?

Dynamic sitelinks are links automatically generated by Google that appear below your ad text.  These links will direct customers to a page in your site that is highly relevant based on their recent search activities, the same as regular sitelinks.


When Are They Used?

All your paid ads can have dynamic sitelinks as long as the campaign type is set to “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network Only”.

Now, this doesn’t automatically mean your ads will show up with dynamic sitelinks, but the potential to drive more clicks is there if you set up your campaigns properly.

If a particular ad happens to already have sitelinks in place, they will keep showing unless Google deems their dynamic counterparts can perform better. This brings us to our next question…

How Does Google Decide Whether to Use Them?

This answer currently resides in the secret sauce area of Google, which is based on the analysis of the searcher behavior, effective searches etc.

However, the more clicks, the better, so rest assured dynamic sitelinks will only be applied if Google determines they will provide better performance.

Did I Read That Right? Are They Really Free?

That’s the icing on the cake. When a visitor clicks on a dynamic sitelink, it is 100% free for the advertiser.

Why would Google do this? This is their way of pushing advertisers to adopt sitelinks into their ads. Dynamic sitelinks will definitely improve CTR, and more clicks means more revenue headed in Google’s direction.

Will My Quality Score and Ad Rank Be Affected?

Absolutely! Dynamic Sitelinks, just like their prior counterpart, help ads gain higher CTRs.

And, we all know a higher CTR directly correlates to a higher Quality Score. Moreover, ads that contain sitelinks are also more relevant to the end user, another integral part of what makes up a high quality score.

What about Ad Rank? Same positive impact. Extensions are a large factor in how Google determines AdRank.

This basically means that the ads expected to perform better with sitelinks are given the higher positions on the SERP.

What If I Don’t Want Dynamic Sitelinks?

All advertisers are automatically opted in to dynamic sitelinks, but can opt out if they don’t want them used with their ads.

We strongly recommend keeping a close eye on your Trademark and other top-performing campaigns.  If you use dynamic sitelinks, these campaigns may show a drop in performance, and your decision to opt out should be based on the impact this has on your performance.

To opt out, here is a Google form.