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{#AnalyticsWeek} Day 1: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Google Analytics

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In our first session of #AnalyticsWeek, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, discussed the top five mistakes to avoid in Google Analytics. The session provided an in depth discussion on fundamental mistakes we see in ecommerce sites that can cost you money in either lost revenue or inefficient spending.

The top mistakes to avoid in Google Analytics include:

  1. Not tagging inbound traffic that has marketing spend associated with it.
    Resolution: Tag every inbound link you have control or influence over. You can even ask the other party to use your Google Analytics parameters.
  2. Utilizing IT resources that are not ecommerce savvy to help run your ecommerce business.
    Resolution: Choose and vet your development personnel or partners wisely. Have independent experts conduct audits of your implementations.
  3. Running your ecommerce site without revenue tracking working correctly.
    Resolution: Make sure your ecommerce tracking is set up and verified. Also, make sure to balance your Google Analytics ecommerce reports vs. your back end to ensure you’re capturing 90% or more of your transactions in Google Analytics
  4. Self-Referrals: Improper tracking of cross domain, sub-domain, and 3rd party checkout traffic.
    Resolution: Upgrade to Universal Analytics. (Subdomain tracking is automatic. This enables referral exclusions.) Check your referral reports, particularly the share of revenue referrals that are generating.
  5. Underutilized customization capabilities.
    Resolution: Web analytics is not a “set it and forget it” topic. (Like physical store fixtures, it does require maintenance and upgrades.) ROI from analytics is directly proportional to the amount of human capital applied. Therefore, Google Analytics can be an extremely valuable asset when deployed and leveraged correctly.

During tomorrow’s session, 3 Ways You’ll Find Revenue & Profits in Google Analytics, from 1-2 p.m. EST, Don Rodriguez will demonstrate three ideas that every ecommerce business can implement, in order to discover revenue and profit improving ideas from your Google Analytics data.

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View a full recap of our webinar below: