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7 Tips to Accelerate Your 2017 Marketing Campaign

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Are your search marketing efforts ready for the new year? If not, look no further! After we accurately predicted holiday trends of 2016, NetElixir decided to forecast the state of search marketing in 2017. Through extensive research, NetElixir put together best practices and suggestions for retailers in our action-packed webinar, 7 Proven Search Marketing Tips for 2017.

To get you started, here are some of the helpful tips for Mobile Commerce, Paid Search, SEO, and Paid Social campaigns:

Tip #1 Create a dedicated Mobile Campaign for “Near Me” Searches.

  • Isolate “near me” searches into a specific campaign.

  • Target mobile devices with a +ve bid modifier and specific day part

Tip #2 Personalize Mobile Ad Content that shows your customers’ Real-Time location.

  • Add business data with over 16,000 city names in the United States.

  • Create ad customizer format and feed your customers’ locations into ad text for personalized local content.

Tip #3 Create a Mobile-Specific PLA campaign.

  • Replicate current shopping campaign to target it to mobile.

  • Use benchmark CTR and CPC to make decisions.

  • Optimize campaigns for mobile-specific search terms.

Tip #4 Use AdWords scripts to create Automated Location Bidding.

  • Establish ROI goals, no more than five, for various campaign segments.

  • Customize the script to include these ROI constraints and map to respective campaigns.

Tip #5 Consistently conduct a comprehensive Backlink Analysis.

  • Conduct a comprehensive backlink analysis on a weekly basis to ensure a healthy link profile.

Tip #6 Refresh content on your website.

  • Content remains king so refresh content on various landing pages on a monthly basis to establish the pages are “live” and crawl-friendly.

Tip #7 Cross-Sell customers through Facebook Ads.

  • Segment customer emails according to the products or categories they buy.

  • Add these emails into a Facebook Audience and target these customers with similar products and deals.

For more information about what we’ve uncovered along with some juicy bonus tips, watch our recap video here! However, if your search marketing appetite still isn’t satiated, check out our whitepaper. It expertly fills in all the missing details.