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3 Tips to Prepare Your SEO for the Holiday Season Now

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Stop What You’re Doing…

This blog post is going to identify 3 things you can do today to test your SEO, and what needs to be done to ensure you are ready for the holiday season.

Modern marketers know that one of the key elements to any successful search engine optimization program is time. Recently, it appears that if you implement a change to your SEO, the turnaround time will be about a month until you see the results from those changes. This is crucial to know so you can make sure you’re always prepared for the future by making SEO changes ahead of time. This blog post will cover three easy improvements to your SEO that you can make today so you’re prepared later on this year for the upcoming holiday season!


Error 1: Shorten your Page Titles

We covered a while back that Google had reduced the number of characters allowed in the page title element from 70 to 65 characters. You’ll want to make sure your page title falls under this character limit so you can ensure your messaging is displayed as intended in the SERP. Now, so far throughout the course of this year and with the dawn of “Mobilegeddon” we are seeing signals that page titles designed for the Mobile SERP are the best approach to see SEO results.

So, what can you do today to benefit from this? Reduce which keywords you’re targeting within your page titles to just the basics while still keeping your language natural. You will see a better impact with just one keyword targeted using natural language than you will with three keywords targeted in a forced way. However, to really see the benefit of this, you’ll want to do this in bulk. Working on just one or two pages is a good start, but you’ll need to get as much of your website in line with this practice as quickly as possible to really get the results you want. To get started, a great place to start is in the Search Console, using the “HTML Errors” report.


Error 2: Speaking of Mobilegeddon

Every smart marketer knows that the “Mobilegeddon” mobile update happened this past April, and that it essentially worked like an on/off switch. This simply means that if you have a mobile site, you rank on mobile devices. If you do not have a mobile website, you do not rank on mobile devices.

However, this update isn’t completely over yet. Google has confirmed that the update will continue to evolve over time. To be prepared for the future, it’s important to start looking at performance metrics now; as it is likely that Google is going to be doing the same. Once again, to get started you can begin in your Search Console to identify any mobile usability issues on your site.


Error 3: Revisit your Backlinks

Throughout the years, versions of the Penguin update have occurred in October, which conveniently gives you just enough time right before the holidays get under way to adapt to the latest changes. Assuming we can expect more Penguin updates at a similar time, the best course of action is to take some time and review the links that are coming to your site now. While most marketers have gone through the process of analyzing and acting on their back link profile, there could be a situation where links are happening that are beyond your control. This is why it is important to be consistently on alert as to what your back link profile looks like. To help with this, we have built this tool.


An Announcement:

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During this webinar, we will be announcing how you can sign up for a “Holiday Readiness Analysis.” Within the next week, we will be announcing how readers of our blog can get early access to this analysis and how NetElixir can optimize your website for a strong holiday season.

Check out our infographic on these simple SEO changes you make now!

Infographic - Holiday SEO Tips