Why “Value per visit” is the most important SEM metric for ecommerce firms

Category: Marketing Dilemmas

If there was one key metric that we would recommend every search marketer to adopt, it would be “value per visit”. Value being calculated as (Revenue – Cost), visit being calculated as visits to the website driven by search engines (we have found that clicks and visits often differ, clicks > visits).

Why is Value Per Visit the most important SEM metric?

  • The metric focuses on what matters to any business – revenue and profitability – and connects it with visits driven by search marketing.
  • It is all about quality of visits and the conversion potential of each visit.
  • This metric is valuable for creating “hyper-targeted” SEM campaigns: Example – Value per visit per Geo; Value per visit per promotion run; Value per visit per Day-Part, etc.

Value Per Visit for Geo-Targeted campaigns (an example): Helps you allocate your budget among various states in a prudent manner.



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