iphone graphic copyWe’ve aggregated the data from this year, and have found that 18.3% of all searches happened from smartphones on Black Friday. 65.2% of all mobile sales happened between 6pm-midnight.

Our findings are based on search marketing led hourly sales data aggregated on Black Friday for 38 large US online retailers (in 7 retail categories representing 120 million search impressions). NetElixir uses proprietary search marketing analytics technology, LXRRetail, for data aggregation and analysis.

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Holiday Special – PLA Tactics (download your free checklist)

Category: Paid Search

checklist{HOLIDAY SPECIAL}  Finally, the holiday season has arrived for all online marketers to roll up their sleeves and put their promises into action. Well, guys, beware…this time, the season is going to be a very tricky affair. With the shortest runway from Black Friday to Christmas since 2002, shoppers will have fewer days to purchase, which in turn forces marketers to race against the clock and prepare their tactics. However, don’t worry! Be reminded of the famous quote from Winston Churchill – “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning”. Yes, an effective plan will solve all your worries and all of the marketers here @ NetElixir are in sync with the indispensable process of planning.

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How to Build Year-Round Customer Loyalty this Holiday Shopping Season

Category: Marketing Dilemmas

holiday-shoppingAnother holiday shopping season is underway and digital marketers are working to meet year-end revenue and profit goals, but this period also delivers opportunities and threats to long-term success. All but hyper-seasonal merchants should consider the closing months of the year as setting the stage for the year ahead. Holiday promotions should not only maximize seasonal returns, but include strategies that generate customer loyalty and avoid accelerated churn rates in the face of increased competitor visibility. This time of year is about giving and no one is more deserving than customers that generate year-round profits for your organization.

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HolidayShoppingWith the shortest runway from Black Friday to Christmas since 2002, consumers will have fewer days to shop for the holidays, which means that retailers will have fewer days to maximize their holiday sales.

Google Head of Industry, Retail, Brett Goffin, advises retailers to take full advantage of the opportunity to remarket to consumers NOW. According to Goffin, remarketing is a helpful strategy during the shortened shopping season this year. Google has historically seen average Costs Per Click (CPCs) increase during the shopping season and there’s no reason to believe that won’t be the case again this year. Several analysts have predicted 2013 CPCs to be higher compared to 2012 given the compression of the holiday season.

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NetElixir University webinar transcript:

How Does Google’s Hummingbird Update Impact Your SEO Efforts?

Marinn: Hi everyone! This is Marinn Hersh, Sales Manager here at NetElixir. Thanks so much for joining us today for our webinar. We’re going to be discussing how Google’s hummingbird update impacts your SEO efforts. This is part of the NetElixir University Guest Expert Series.

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Google Hummingbird: Your Questions Answered

Category: SEO

google hummingbird seo update

Last week, eCommerce Marketing Manager of Ulla Popken, Steven Pope, hosted a webinar on how the Google Hummingbird update impacts SEO efforts as a part of NetElixir University’s Guest Expert Series.

During the webinar, many questions were pouring in from attendees, and we weren’t able to answer all of them during the session. We’ve compiled these questions and would like to share them to help you understand the impact of Google Hummingbird on your SEO efforts.

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SEO Webinar: How Hummingbird Impacts Your SEO Efforts

Category: SEO

google hummingbird seo updateJoin us this Thursday (10/17) at 2PM ET for “How Does Google’s Hummingbird Update Impact Your SEO Efforts”!

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Steven Pope, eCommerce Marketing Manager of Ulla Popken, a plus size women’s clothing brand, will host this insightful webinar as a part of NetElixir University’s Guest Expert Series.  Steven will be sharing his thoughts on what Google’s Hummingbird update means for retail search marketers and how does it impact their SEO efforts.

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2013 has seen numerous SEO changes

Google is creating a lot of buzz right now. On September 23, 2013 Google announced keyword traffic data would immediately become 100% “Not Provided” inside of Google Analytics. Just four days later on Google’s 15th birthday, Google announced a search algorithm update called Hummingbird. And these two changes are just the latest of many. So why should you be paying attention to Google? What does it mean for your business?

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