Improving Mobile User Experience for the Millennial Generation

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Millennial Statistics to Remember: Reinforcing Mobile UX Importance

iPhone-Mockup-PSD (3)

Everywhere you turn, you see young people staring down at their smartphones or tablets, tapping away as they shop online, answer a text message, respond to an email, or play their favorite app. Over the past few years, the love that young people have for their mobile devices has turned into an obsession, and companies are beginning to take advantage of it.

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Facebook Announces Revamped Atlas Ad Server

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blog Facebook vs google (1)

As the second-largest digital advertising platform in the world, Facebook is able to track its 1.3 billion users on desktop platforms and mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and more. By using Facebook’s user data, advertisers will be able to do the same. This week, Facebook rolled-out Atlas, a revamped ad platform that gives user data to online marketing advertisers so they can direct targeted ads to each person via thousands of other websites and mobile ads across the internet.

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Ideas Meet Imagination at the X=Experience

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When Ideas meet Imagination.. Magic happens.

The 2014 X=Experience concluded on 9/23. It was indeed a magical experience. But, before I dive into some of the highlights of this year’s event let me share with you the purpose that drives this amazing event.

We created X= Experience in 2013 with an ambitious goal of bringing together best minds from retail and academia. The idea was to build a forum where fresh ideas could be discussed freely and openly… in a “classroom environment”. We wanted to create a truly collaborative learning experience.

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[Infographic] The True Impact of Mobile-Friendly Websites: A Before & After Look

Category: Mobile


The usage of mobile devices has grown by huge amounts over the past few years. Yet there is still some speculation as to the actual performance figures launching a mobile-friendly website can provide.

Our latest infographic cuts through the speculation to present a clear, before & after look that shows the revenue-generating power a mobile experience can have for all  digital retailers.

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Why Dynamic Remarketing Means More E-Commerce Conversions

Category: Paid Search

blog image dynamic remarketing

We’ve all experienced the following scenario. A user follows the click-conversion path all the way to the shopping cart, only  to jump off and never be heard from again.

In the past, many retailers would simply shake their heads and direct their inbound efforts towards optimizing their website.

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Video: 4 Google Shopping Performance Figures You Can’t Ignore

Category: Paid Search


Are you looking for a superior way to promote your products and acquire more conversions online?

As part of NetElixir’s Google Shopping Countdown Series, we created a four-part video to highlight the value this AdWords upgrade can provide for your campaign performance. See how to maximize your product returns, reduce your spend, and increase your market share before the automatic switch takes place.

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Defining Google’s New Dynamic Sitelinks: What Are They & Why Were They Released?

Category: Paid Search

blog image Dynamic Sitelinks

Ever heard the saying, “behind every successful paid ad, there’s a sitelink?”

Probably not, but sitelinks allow advertisers to connect users with the exact content they are searching for. In fact, incorporating sitelinks can increase click-through-rates by up to 23%.

To help paid search advertisers generate more clicks, Google is releasing a new, free AdWords feature called Dynamic Sitelinks.

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4 Strategies You Need to Know to Transition to Google Shopping [Free Checklist]

Category: Paid Search

blog Google Shopping Checklist

The move from Product Listing Ads towards Google Shopping Campaigns is less than 28 days away. That means it’s time for online retailers to really dig in and start learning the best tactics to successfully utilize this new AdWords campaign to promote their products online.

Unfortunately this process is anything but easy, and we felt it would be valuable to come up with a checklist for Google Shopping that clearly lays out all the strategies you need to know to make your migration process as quick and seamless as possible.

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Category: Paid Search

google shopping

With the transition to Google Shopping Campaigns less than 2 months away, online retailers everywhere need to prepare themselves for this substantial alteration to their AdWords account.

To help familiarize you with the inner workings of what’s to come, we’ve prepared an infographic highlighting the 4 essential M’s of Google Shopping campaigns- Manage, Measure, Monitor, Maximize. 

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