Attribution Models: Going Beyond the Last click

Category: Analytics


Online advertising has introduced both new opportunities and new challenges to marketers. While every touchpoint along the conversion path is highly measurable, marketers have still faced the challenge of allocating their budgets between all of their different channels to find the perfect marketing mix to increase their revenues. This problem can be solved by using an attribution model that helps advertisers to decide how, when, and where to spend their money across the customer journey for maximum results.

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[Infographic] Programmatic Marketing

Category: Marketing Dilemmas


Programmatic marketing—the use of technology and algorithms to automate the buying and optimization of digital media inventory— is one of the fastest growing strategies in digital advertising, and has been gaining increased traction with online retailers worldwide. Programmatic marketing helps retailers target their right audience, at the right time, with the right content—all at lightning speeds. Programmatic marketing has also been shown to deliver high returns to retailers throughout multiple touch points in the purchase funnel.

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Google Upgrades AdWords Editor to Support Labels

Category: Paid Search


For Pay-Per-Click advertising management, the best strategy to ensure your accounts are running optimally is to be constantly testing elements. Luckily for PPC advertisers, managing all those tests at once just got a little easier with the addition of Labels in AdWords Editor.

Until last week, Labels in Adwords were only available through the Adwords web-interface. The moment we heard about an Adwords Editor update with support for Labels, we couldn’t believe the news!

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structured data

In the world of search engine optimization, structured data is a crucial element for success. Webmasters use structured data, also known as ‘microdata’, to add additional information or markup tags to a website. Search engines then read these markup tags and display them as rich snippets on the search engine results page, or SERP.

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Google Algorithm Changes

In the weeks before April 21, online marketers around the world could feel the all-too-familiar feeling of the algorithmic winds changing. All of the chatter and fanfare about “Mobilegeddon” meant only one thing: a storm in the online realm was brewing, and Google’s algorithm was due for an update.

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LSI-Friendly Content

While many may consider writing keyword-fueled content an SEO practice of the past, keywords do still play an important role, just not in the way you previously thought.

Before, your ranking for a specific keyword phrase depended upon how many times you mentioned that keyword in your content…even if you literally said chicken chicken chicken…chicken-chicken, chick-chicken to rank for the keyword “chicken.”

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Yahoo and Bing Amend Their Search Partnership: What You Need to Know

Category: Paid Search

yahoo gemini

While we’ve survived the arrival of Mobilegeddon, there’s a new big change happening that will affect online advertisers: Yahoo and Microsoft are altering their strategic search alliance. While according to the Yahoo press release, this change is being made to “improve the search experience, create value for advertisers, and establish ongoing stability for partners”, it is also sure to cause a major upset in the online advertising world.

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[Infographic] Mobilegeddon

Category: SEO


It’s been hard to avoid at least hearing about the arrival of “Mobilegeddon” in the search world, but do you know how it really works, or why it’s so important? Check out our latest infographic for our breakdown on how Google’s latest mobile algorithm update works, how you can make sure you’re benefiting from it, and why it’s so crucial to have a mobile-friendly site today!

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As most us of have heard, (or perhaps been put into a panic by the trending hashtag #Mobilegeddon), this week Google rolled out its latest algorithm update for mobile. While this update is merely meant to help mobile searchers access mobile-friendly sites easier, the reaction online has been slightly more dramatic,  featuring photoshopped images of bomb explosions, raining fire, and warnings of caution to “survive” this update.

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