Measuring the impact of sales promotion by tracking ad copy performance

Category: Marketing Dilemmas

SEM Marketers often struggle to measure the effectiveness of short term promotions. The challenges they face are: a) inability to accurately link sales promotion to the sales conversions  b) frequency of promo changes often makes quick data analysis and insight aggregation difficult (especially during holidays) c) separating the online and offline impact of the promotion.

At NetElixir we track conversions per ad copy and have found this to be a simple yet effective way of addressing the aforementioned challenge. Ad copies are customized to include the promotional details and can be tracked down to the number of conversions and sales revenue they generate. It’s a fairly accurate measure of effectiveness of any sales promotion and use of LXR technology helps address the “speed of promo change” issue.

Building an archive of the promo ad copies can be extremely beneficial in the long run as marketers can be better informed on the type of promo they may want to run and also forecast the result that they can expect.



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