Google Introduces Enhanced Adwords Campaigns: Targeting Digital Omnivores through Multi-Device Campaigns

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Google’s Enhanced adwords campaigns offer marketers the ability to manage campaigns for multi-device world. With features like ad customization, targeted bidding and an ability to track various conversion types (across devices), Google adwords makes it both simple, integrated and efficient for marketers.

You can read about Enhanced Adwords more on adwords blog:

The Enhanced Adwords Campaigns, because of their advanced targeting and ad customization capabilities, will be specially beneficial for multi-store retailers. These retailers can use adwords effectively for “geo-fencing” (special offers to searchers near their stores) and moreover track the efficacy of the campaigns (example: promo coupons for search/shoppers near stores).

In NetElixir’s January report on holiday shopping trends, we had reported that 17% of all searches during 2012 holidays came from mobile devices. Using our LXR technology, we have tracked multiple search cycles where the searcher used different devices to conduct and complete a unique search-shop cycle. Even during the search-shop cycle the search query (a reflection of intent) varied based on device used, location from where the search happened, time of day, etc.

Google is taking multi-device search marketing to the next level. We will be pro-actively working with our Google reps to create Enhanced Adwords Campaigns for our clients.

-Udayan Bose

PS: Next in line – Multi-device attribution 🙂


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