The Dual-Power of PPC & SEO

Category: Marketing Dilemmas, SEO

Many clients fail to recognize the value of combing PPC with SEO strategies… until the numbers come in. We recently acquired a client who was hesitant to bid on their trademark terms when they had been earning conversions organically on a regular basis. Makes sense – why sabotage your organic results?

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With many Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Should we be promoting all of our products through paid search?”  The answer is no!

First, companies must take a deeper look into the relationship between Sales Velocity and Margin which equals Return On Investment (ROI). (See Chart Below)  By identifying where each company’s products fall under the following four sections: (High Margin, Low Sales Velocity) (High Margin, High Sales Velocity) (Low Margin, Low Sales Velocity) and (Low Margin, High Sales Velocity) they will be able to design specific PPC campaigns for each segment in the chart.

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The Best Ways to Use Paid Search Advertising

Category: SEO

The NetElixir team is have a great time at the IRCE! It’s so exciting that the 2011 Fresh Ideas Workbook is finally out!

The workbook is packed with tips and ideas for retailers to better their online marketing performances with many different services including, but not limited to, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, social media outlets, and more. Paid search advertising, or PPC, is very important to be conscious of and know how to use it in the best ways possible because if you do not, you are wasting unnecessary money!

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