Your Definitive Website Migration SEO Checklist

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NetElixir recently held its annual #SEOWeek that was filled with 4 days of info-packed webinars. Attendees got to learn about:

  • The 2017 State of SEO
  • Adopting a Mobile-First SEO Philosophy
  • The Role of User Experience and Web Development in SEO
  • Building a Winning Retail SEO Strategy

Is your company going through a website migration? If you need some quick tips on how to improve the user experience during this process, use our helpful SEO Checklist. It’ll you stay on top of everything from pre-launch to post-launch.

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#SEOWeek: Creating an SEO Strategy 2017 & Beyond [Recap]

Category: SEO

What a great final day of #SEOWeek! Today we learned all about creating a winning SEO strategy. We covered a lot, so here are the basics!

Getting Started

Before creating a SEO strategy, you have to understand the SEO path. What can SEO do for you? Your strategy must be based on brand voice and corporate culture. Determine the type of traffic you want. Do you want to focus on keyword based SEO strategies that increase rankings in the SERP or increase traffic with brand awareness and the quality of the website? You should consider questions like this before creating a custom strategy.

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#SEOWeek: The Role of User Experience & Web Development in SEO [Recap]

Category: SEO

Another fitting end to a great day of #SEOWeek! This third installment from our experts focused on how important user experience is on a website. If you missed out or need to hit the refresh button, here’s a helpful summary:

What type of website changes should we be concerned?

Levels of organic impact depend on the type of change being implemented on a website. Just because you hired a fancy web designer doesn’t mean he/she has your back when it comes to SEO. Major changes like platform migrations, redesigns, and switching to mobile-first, deserve detailed plans and preparations so you don’t lose out on traffic.

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#SEOWeek: Adopting a Mobile-First SEO Philosophy [Recap]

Category: SEO

What an invigorating second day of #SEOWeek! Here we learned all about what it means to be mobile-first and how everyone can get in on the action. Here’s a quick overview of what happened.

The Basics

What is Mobile-First?

Everyone’s been throwing around the phrase “mobile-first” but what exactly does it mean? Essentially, Google prioritizes on mobile over other devices.

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#SEOWeek 2017: An In-Depth Look at Modern SEO for Retailers

Category: Netelixir Updates, SEO

It’s that time of year again! That time when the search engine marketing world unites to explore the current landscape of SEO. Each year, we take a week to study and educate about the ever-changing face of optimization.

We know how hard it is to keep up with SEO trends, especially in ecommerce. That’s why you can count on seeing this webinar every March. Take a journey with our experts on March 13-17 into the intricate field of organic search so you can be prepared and not fall behind. They’ll not only show you what’s happening right now but also what you can expect in the year to come. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn how you can get ahead in the SERP!

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You Guide to the Mobile First Algorithm Update [Infographic]

Category: Marketing Dilemmas, SEO

Your Guide to Google's Mobile First Algorithm Update (1)

In a previous blog post, we discussed Google’s algorithm update and how it can affect you. To make your life a whole lot easier, we’re sharing our helpful infographic to help walk you through these changes!

Here’s What You Need to Know

In November 2016, Google made an official announcement that mobile results would start getting priority over desktop results in the SERP. Currently, the algorithm doesn’t assess the actual mobile page so results are shown to mobile users sometimes aren’t qualified.

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Mobile First Google Algorithm Update

Category: SEO


In November 2016, Google announced that its indexing will be flipped around and mobile results will get priority over the desktop.

Most research still suggests Google is taking a soft approach and allowing desktop-friendly websites to appear even if they’re not very mobile-friendly. In the coming months, however, this will change.

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Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: Insights Unveiled

Category: Analytics, Marketing Dilemmas, Mobile, Paid Search, SEO

Holiday InsightsNow that Thanksgiving dinner is over, Black Friday crowds are gone, and Cyber Monday deals have ended, here are some interesting stats to munch upon. Note that we have considered data from Adobe’s as well as the data mined by NetElixir’s proprietary tool, LXRInsights.

Our holiday projections have been featured in Internet Retailer, BizReport, eMarketer, MediaPost, and more! Find out what all the buzz is about at our webinar, 2016 Holiday Weekend: By the Numbers, on Friday, December 2nd from 2 to 2:30 p.m.

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Penguin 4.0 Released!

Category: SEO

Penguin Alt

What you need to know!

Google announced on September 23, 2016, that Real-Time Penguin or Penguin 4.0 is now live. The roll out will continue in the coming weeks as Google updates Penguin in various languages.

There are two main takeaways from the update:

The algorithm will be in real-time so that spam results are caught and de-indexed on a continuous basis.

The algorithm is granular, so that instead of a sitewide penalty, specific pages that are spamming, will be devalued in rankings.

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