Four Lessons We Learned from ShopTalk 2017

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netelixir at shoptalk 2017

This past Sunday, I traveled across the country with the NetElixir team to attend the 2017 ShopTalk conference in Sin City. Almost everything about the show was new. It was my first trade show with NetElixir, our first time sponsoring ShopTalk, and only the second iteration of the conference itself. With new experiences come new insights, and the past few days in Las Vegas were no exception. Here are just a few lessons I learned from attending:

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#SEOWeek 2017: An In-Depth Look at Modern SEO for Retailers

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It’s that time of year again! That time when the search engine marketing world unites to explore the current landscape of SEO. Each year, we take a week to study and educate about the ever-changing face of optimization.

We know how hard it is to keep up with SEO trends, especially in ecommerce. That’s why you can count on seeing this webinar every March. Take a journey with our experts on March 13-17 into the intricate field of organic search so you can be prepared and not fall behind. They’ll not only show you what’s happening right now but also what you can expect in the year to come. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn how you can get ahead in the SERP!

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The Impact of Screenless Searches: Webinar Summary

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Remember Ask Jeeves? The thought of this old search engine (now known as “”) from 1996 is sure to bring back some happy memories. Any questions we had, our personal butler Jeeves would answer.

With the age of Google, our queries became shorter. With the prevalence of mobile phone, search engines adapted. Now, with smartphones we tend to tap longer keywords.

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7 Tips to Accelerate Your 2017 Marketing Campaign

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Are your search marketing efforts ready for the new year? If not, look no further! After we accurately predicted holiday trends of 2016, NetElixir decided to forecast the state of search marketing in 2017. Through extensive research, NetElixir put together best practices and suggestions for retailers in our action-packed webinar, 7 Proven Search Marketing Tips for 2017.

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Holiday ’16 YoY Growth Revealed

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Holiday '16

In September 2016, our team estimated that the YoY e-commerce growth would be 11% during the holiday season. Guess what? It was 10.43%! Continue reading to find out some more data points to help you better understand what happened this season and how you can utilize this data for this year’s marketing plan.

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Trick or Treat – Not Just For Kids Anymore

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Untitled design (2)

Traditionally, Halloween is viewed as a holiday for children to dress up and collect candy. While that’s still very much the case, search results show that data is more skewed towards adult costumes. 32% of all Halloween costume searches came from Generation X, people aged 35 to 49, followed by the Baby Boomers, aged 50 to 64, at 21%.

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NetElixir Celebrates 3 Product Launches

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Product Launch

September 15 was a very busy day at NetElixir as we launched three new and exciting projects to help our overall customer experience. Ask The Expert, AdWords Site Grader, and Shopping Campaign Support all made their debut. We also added a few updates to LXRPlugIn.

Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert is a one-of-a-kind solution bridging the chasm of not knowing how to benefit from digital marketing to successfully managing your own online marketing campaigns. When you run any free tool on LXRMarketplace, Ask The Expert predicts what questions you may have after using one of our tools, and it allows you to ask further questions to one of our live SEO and SEM experts. Our goal is to democratize search marketing to help small to mid-sized business from all over the world, succeed online.

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Why You Should Use Enhanced Ecommerce

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Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics at NetElixir, presented a webinar on {How Enhanced Ecommerce Identifies Potential Customer Loss} where he filled us in on the power of Enhanced Ecommerce in analytics, especially during this upcoming holiday season.

What is Enhanced Ecommerce?

Enhanced Ecommerce is an optional feature of Google Analytics. It allows you to quickly and easily identify lost conversion opportunities on your site by reviewing Shopping Behavior, Product Performance, Product List Performance, On-Site Promotion and Coupon Redemption Tracking, and more.

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