How Small Businesses Can Use Social Sentiment Analysis

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Social media is an integral part of any business’ marketing, outreach, and customer support strategies. Brands are now promoting their activity around-the-clock through social status updates, tweets, and blog posts. However, social media promotions don’t just happen in isolation. Customers, audiences, and social influencers also discuss brands, and in doing so, they co-create content. While brands often measure their social media mentions, unless they’re measuring the sentiment behind those mentions, their measurements could be misleading! Lots of mentions are great, but are people talking about your brand in a positive way, or are they upset with your service?

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How the Internet of Things is Changing the Digital Marketing Space

Category: Marketing Dilemmas


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword that’s been attracting the attention of savvy marketers everywhere. The IoT is a computing concept where everyday physical objects can connect to the internet and identify themselves to other devices.This means that when an object is connected to the internet, it is no longer just connected in relation to you, but also to surrounding objects. Databases are then able to communicate this information in an intelligent fashion, turning the physical world into one big information system.

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For retailers, Valentine’s Day brings more than just candy and cards: They can look forward to getting the gift of their incremental sales growth on February 14th as well!

According to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day will spend $142.31 on their V-Day gifts, up from $133.91 last year.

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multi-device attribution

Multi-device attribution is, without a doubt, the greatest struggle of the digital marketing industry. Digital marketers want to know what paths customers take before making an online purchase, but with the wide variety of devices customers are now using, these paths are often hard to track down. For instance, if a customer starts exploring a product from her smartphone, but ends up later purchasing that product from her desktop PC, our current attribution models would only credit the PC with driving this purchase. In reality, the smartphone should have gotten most of the credit, as that was the device which introduced the product to her in the first place.

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Anybody that has been performing Search Engine Optimization for any amount of time knows that bad back links lead to bad results. Yesterday, I saw a blog post over at Search Engine Roundtable that highlighted a survey with alarming results: Nearly 80% of business owners would consider sabotaging their competitor’s websites in order to gain rankings on their own website. This means that business owners are paying unethical SEO agencies to build bad backlinks to their competitor’s websites rather than focusing on performing good tactics to their own.

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PPC Ads Appealing to the Intuitive Mind Pays Off !

Category: Marketing Dilemmas, Paid Search

pay per click ad appeal

In the world of Paid Search, when we create advertisements to fit the limited space on the SERP, we sometimes fall short of reaching the emotions of our customers. We pack our PPC ad copies with what we know as the best practices, like price-points and offer descriptions, and often come up short of giving our ads strong emotional appeal.

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Analyzing How Millennials Are Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

Category: Marketing Dilemmas


You don’t have to look around very long to see that the Internet has evolved in the past few years – so much in fact that as it has shaped the way we think and act. Wherever you are right now, stop and take a moment to look around. What do you see? Chances are you will see the people by your side, with their heads looking down at their phone, buying something, or performing another related action. They could be messaging their friend, researching something on Google, or simply checking their Facebook news feed. As the internet has shaped the actions of humans, it has also shaped the way businesses reach consumers. If humans are using their mobile devices for an extended part of the day, wouldn’t it make sense for businesses to showcase their products or services via mobile devices as well?

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Improving Mobile User Experience for the Millennial Generation

Category: Marketing Dilemmas, Mobile

Millennial Statistics to Remember: Reinforcing Mobile UX Importance

iPhone-Mockup-PSD (3)

Everywhere you turn, you see young people staring down at their smartphones or tablets, tapping away as they shop online, answer a text message, respond to an email, or play their favorite app. Over the past few years, the love that young people have for their mobile devices has turned into an obsession, and companies are beginning to take advantage of it.

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Life if you Hate Spam

Everyone knows Facebook has been under fire for allegedly sharing their user’s private data with companies that use it to clog personal feeds with targeted ads and spam.

However, in an effort to quell some of the rumors circling the web they’ve taken steps to clean up the ne feed for all their users. This way, when they logon, all they see are stories and posts that are pertinent to their interests.

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The Anatomy of a Successful Email

Category: Marketing Dilemmas


25% Open Rate
35% Click-Through-Rate

As you know, writing successful emails can be tricky.

How pushy should you be? What is the right message you should use to reach your audience? How long should it be?

These are all legitimate questions that can drive the average marketer up the wall. Recently, we wrote an email to our users that evoked a massive response. To help you market your services more effectively, we want to share some of the successful content insights and tactics we found using our fanatically analytical approach.

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