{#AnalyticsWeek} Day 1: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Google Analytics

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In our first session of #AnalyticsWeek, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, discussed the top five mistakes to avoid in Google Analytics. The session provided an in depth discussion on fundamental mistakes we see in ecommerce sites that can cost you money in either lost revenue or inefficient spending.

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Learn All About User ID and Cross Device Reports

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User Explorer

User ID is an underutilized capability of the Universal Analytics version of Google Analytics. It  offers tremendous potential to improve your business, especially if you sell to businesses or are highly dependent upon repeat customers.

User ID is aptly named, as it allows website owners to Identify their visitors in Google Analytics. The User ID dimension is a unique identifier that the website owner can assign to individual users. We all know Google doesn’t allow Personally Identifiable Information in Google Analytics. That being said, a string of apparently random alphanumeric characters is allowed in the User ID dimension and that string could represent a hashed version of a customer’s email address or more practically, a customer’s account number or account ID from your website back end.

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{#AnalyticsWeek} The Power of Mobile in Analytics

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As we know, mobile is shoving its way towards the front of search marketing. It’s now outperforming desktop in traffic because mobile is more accessible and within arms reach at all times. People can find out about anything they want quickly and easily through their mobile device. Plus, social media remains a large influence in today’s digital world and fast mobile sharing will keep it that way. Today, most people search for things on mobile and make the final purchase on a desktop/tablet. However, conversion rates on mobile are improving as more and more website owners deploy mobile-friendly user experiences. Given those two trends, it’s important for ecommerce site owners to pay attention to their mobile performance and Day 3 of our upcoming #AnalyticsWeek will provide useful insights to do just that.

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Annual Knowledge Sharing Series #AnalyticsWeek Returns!

Category: Analytics, Netelixir Updates

2016-06-03 (1)

Calling all nerds, geeks, techies, marketing mavens, and data scientists!

Get ready for our second annual Einstein inspired series, #AnalyticsWeek from June 13 to 17. Jam-packed with helpful information, this week-long webinar series will provide you with fanatically analytical strategies and tactics to rule your web analytics. Featuring Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, and guest speakers from Google and IBM, you will gain juicy insights into how you can grow your revenue, track customers, and how to get IBM’s Artificial Intelligence platform, Watson, to work for you.

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AdWords and Google Analytics Mobile Friendly Innovations

Category: Analytics, Paid Search

Mobile friendly

On May 24th, Google announced a few supremely important innovations to their Ads and Analytics products that could redefine the mobile digital marketing landscape in the near future. We present a crispy summarized table of the updates and their benefits.



Expanded Text Ads

Gives more real estate to mobile ads and hence higher CTR and lesser CPC

Bid adjustments across all devices

Previously only mobile bid adjustments were possible. Now the adjustments can be applied across all the devices.

Responsive Display Ads for Mobile

Unlocks native ad inventory. Brings more operational ease as Google takes care of ad development.

Local search ads across Google.com and Google Maps

Bridges the gap between online ads and offline store visits.

Strong embracing of Machine Learning in Google Analytics

Analytics has been reimagined for modern marketing

Similar Audiences in Search

Enables the capability to target non visitors who could be potential loyalists

Demographics in Search

Can create the truest audience for targeting directly

Cross exchange inventory in Google display network

Remarketing across display network becomes more effective by following the user across almost the entire web

Redesigned AdWords interface

AdWords get a mobile friendly interface

We would be publishing a series of blogs on each of these topics which will explain the benefits and implications in more detail.

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Thank you for attending the final presentation of this year’s #AnalyticsWeek! In this presentation, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics at NetElixir, presented the first ever look into his original research on mastering attribution models in Google Analytics. You can check out this presentation now to learn how attribution works, the impact that 20 different marketing channels can have on your revenue, and how the lengths of conversion paths should inform your attribution strategies.

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Day 3 #AnalyticsWeek Presentation – Retail Analytics Hacks

Category: Analytics


Thank you for attending Day 3 of #AnalyticsWeek covering Retail Analytics Hacks! In the first Day 3 presentation, Jordan Levy, Director of Digital Communications at glo Professional, presented how glo Professional, a mineral makeup and clinical skincare company, used custom dimensions in Google Analytics to sort their customers into consumer and wholesaler groups for their reporting. You can check out this presentation now to learn how glo assigns customer types using GA, and how you can then easily view information based on these consumer types to better understand who your customers are and how they spend. At the end of Jordan’s presentation, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics at NetElixir, gives a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up custom dimensions in Universal Analytics.

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Day 2 #AnalyticsWeek Presentation – Google Universal Analytics

Category: Analytics


Thank you for attending Day 2 of our #AnalyticsWeek webinar series! In today’s presentation, Marlena Laszkowska, Product Specialist at Google, presented a comprehensive overview of the Universal Analytics platform, as well as some of the key benefits of implementing it for your website. This presentation covers some of the unique features that Universal Analytics offers that the standard Google Analytics does not, with a focus on the benefits of usings unique user ids to track and analyze your customers better than ever before.

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Day 1 #AnalyticsWeek Presentation – Web Analytics Basics

Category: Analytics


Thank you for attending our first presentation to kick off #AnalyticsWeek! In this presentation, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics at NetElixir, broke down the basics of using Google Analytics as your web analytics platform to get insightful data about your business online. You can check out the slides from this presentation now to understand the basics of tracking your traffic and troubleshooting some common tracking issues, as well as learn how to customize your Google Analytics to report on PayPal referrals and how to set up PayPal referral exclusions to get accurate revenue data.

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[Infographic] Universal Analytics

Category: Analytics

universal analytics blog header

Do you understand your customers, or just their web-cookies? With Universal Analytics, now you can go beyond just cookies to track and analyze your users like never before.

Check out our latest infographic on how you can use Universal Analytics to track your customers online and offline to uncover shopping behavior information that is easy to understand and crucial to your advertising setup!

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