{#AnalyticsWeek} Day 3 – 4 Insights to Improve Your Mobile Performance

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Analytics Week - Day 3

In today’s session of #AnalyticsWeek, Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy at NetElixir, and Steph Schmitt, Agency Account Strategist at Google, walked us through four key insights for measuring and improving your site’s performance with ecommerce’s fastest growing traffic segment, smartphone shoppers.

Some of our valuable insights included:

  • 40% of smartphone users who research on their mobile device go on to purchase on a desktop.

  • 40% of customs will abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load.

  • Two main factors for mobile site hygiene: 1) mobile-friendly site creation and design and 2) page speed.

  • Millennials’ daily media use includes 76% of time spent watching videos, 71% on social media, and 55% on instant messaging.

  • Using both Google AdWords and Google Analytics’ conversion tracking capabilities is essential for mobile success.

During tomorrow’s session, “User ID: Track Your Best Customers in Google Analytics,” Don Rodriguez, Director of Analytics & Account Strategy and Pawel Matkowski, Google Global Product Lead, Data Integrations at Google Analytics will discuss features of Universal Google Analytics.website. Now owners can identify and track their visitors’ behavior within their Google Analytics accounts. Matkowski will give more insights into how this is done along with why it’s so important.

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View a full recap of our webinar below:

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