New Upgrade for LXR100 (NetElixir proprietary SEM management tool)

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As the week after July 4th draws to a close LXR100 (NetElixir proprietary SEM management tool) gets ready for one of its biggest upgrades. There have been many additions to LXR100 in the past few months ; the upcoming upgrade will see integration of the Yahoo UK Search engine along with the four existing platforms Google, MSN, Yahoo US and DE (Germany). The following 5 shopping engines will be integrated in the LXR100 interface.

• Shopzilla
• Googlebase
• Nextag
• Pricegrabber

Auto mailing of reports will be available with this upgrade. Henceforth users will be able to schedule reports, the LXR system will email reports accordingly. The feature will be available for the following reports.

• Order Details Report
• Keyword Performance
• Ad Group Performance
• Campaign Performance
• Account Performance
• URL Performance
• Conversion Type Report

There is a major modification to the LXR tracking system. Each ad will have a unique ad ID for identification. This opens up the opportunity of recording revenue at ad level and makes ad copy testing in LXR workable.

All the above features will be available to users by the 3 week of July ‘09.

Check this space for more updates.

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