“The mob rushes in where individuals fear to tread,”  wrote B. F. Skinner in his book Walden Two, which was written in 1948– way before social media made it easier for people and groups to get together in the virtual world and start thinking together as one.

Reiterating Skinner’s point on the intelligence of ‘crowd thinking’, The Wisdom of Crowds was written at a time when social media just started starting to show its presence, like a kid stealthily entering a classroom. Written by James Surowiecki, this intelligent book shows us through thought-provoking case studies and anecdotes how the ‘team’ or ‘group’ always outsmarts the ‘me’ or ‘I’. Mass opinions actually seem to outsmart the solitary expert (in most cases)!

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Shopping Micro Momentspla-micro
Did you know that last year 28% of in-store sales were influenced by mobile devices, used either before or during shopping trips? In an effort to help retailers reach their customers at their most crucial mobile shopping moments, Google has come up with a few new ways to help retailers win those I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, and I-want-to-buy micro moments.

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This week, August 3 – 8 2015, was an exciting week in SEO, particularly for SEOs who have been dying to better understand the link between their organic rankings and their site traffic.

When Google announced the rebranding of Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console back in May, webmasters all over the world rejoiced with the arrival of the long-awaited “Search Analytics” tool.

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What to others might have seemed like an average Tuesday afternoon, to the NetElixir US office it was a day unlike any other. Bland sandwiches and lackluster salads were left elsewhere, as instead the aromas of seasoned beef, creamy cheese, and freshly-cut tomatoes wafted their way through the office hallways. After what seemed like centuries, the cheery voice of our Special Projects Coordinator, Kelly Rafalski, broke the silence as she announced to the masses that at long last, “Lunch is ready!”

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