What to others might have seemed like an average Tuesday afternoon, to the NetElixir US office it was a day unlike any other. Bland sandwiches and lackluster salads were left elsewhere, as instead the aromas of seasoned beef, creamy cheese, and freshly-cut tomatoes wafted their way through the office hallways. After what seemed like centuries, the cheery voice of our Special Projects Coordinator, Kelly Rafalski, broke the silence as she announced to the masses that at long last, “Lunch is ready!”

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It seems Bing Ads is always trying to catch up to Google AdWords, and their addition of UET (Universal Event Tracking) is latest step in that direction. So, what is Universal Event Tracking? Simply put, UET is a tag that enables performance tracking along with the opportunity to derive analytical insights.

What are the benefits of UET?

UET includes three key features that are similar to features offered in Google AdWords and

1.  Site Analytics: UET provides customer engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, new users, etc.

2.  Audience Remarketing: UET allows you to create remarketing lists and use remarketing in paid search.

3.  Conversion Tracking: UET tracks all conversion actions, such as revenue and lead registration.

How do I implement UET?

  • Go to the UET interface within Bing Ads.

  • Click on “Create a Goal”.

  • Choose from a variety of conversion goals to monitor your customer activity (such as Destination, Duration by Visit, Pages per Visit, or a Custom Event).

  • Once your goal is created, click on “View Tag Details”.

  • Place your UET tag on all of your site’s pages.

  • Your tag will look like:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
(function(w,d,t,r,u){var f,n,i;w[u]=w[u]||[],f=function(){var o={ti:"XXXXXXX"}; o.q=w[u],w[u]=newUET(o), w[u].push("pageLoad")},n=d.createElement(t),n.src=r,n.async=1, n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){var s=this.readyState;s&&s!=="loaded"&&s!=="complete"||(f(),n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null)}, i=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0],i.parentNode.insertBefore(n,i)})(window,document,"script", "//bat.bing.com/bat.js","uetq");
// ]]></script>

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Holiday SEO Tips - blog

Stop What You’re Doing…

This blog post is going to identify 3 things you can do today to test your SEO, and what needs to be done to ensure you are ready for the holiday season.

Modern marketers know that one of the key elements to any successful search engine optimization program is time. Recently, it appears that if you implement a change to your SEO, the turnaround time will be about a month until you see the results from those changes. This is crucial to know so you can make sure you’re always prepared for the future by making SEO changes ahead of time. This blog post will cover three easy improvements to your SEO that you can make today so you’re prepared later on this year for the upcoming holiday season!

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Pinterest first announced Promoted Pins back in September 2013. Then, in May 2014, Pinterest provided the use of Promoted Pins to a few advertisers located in the US. Now, in 2015, Pinterest has released a waitlist option for all companies to register to use this service.

What does a Promoted Pin look like?

Promoted Pins look similar to a normal Pin, but the key difference is that below the Pin you can find a snippet of text labeling it a “Promoted Pin”. Every single Promoted Pin is verified by the Pinterest team to ensure that the Pin meets their quality standards before it will be displayed.

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When it comes to SEO, a strong foundation in positive SEO practices is a must for a successful online business. While there are many different tactics out there, the core concepts that make up a strong SEO foundation have endured the ever-changing online landscape over the years, and it is these tactics you’ll want to be sure you’re implementing to make sure your SEO stands the test of time.

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Pinterest, the visual discovery and bookmarking tool, was showing a greater potential to drive revenue for brands for a long time in comparison to other social networks. The social media company took this potential to the next level on June 2, 2015 when they  unveiled their new feature called “buyable pins” for users in the United States. Buyable Pins give an option for visitors to browse items by price and color and then finally purchase the product with a click without ever having to leave the social media platform. Users will be able to buy products directly through the company’s app using this new type of pin.

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When Google launched their Shopping Campaigns for PLAs, many of us could predict the next step that Bing would probably take next to catch up, in order to enhance the online purchase experience of their users while also helping advertisers to bring their buyers closer to make transaction.

For those who thought that Bing Product Ads would be the closest Microsoft could get to emulating Google’s Shopping Campaigns, you’ll be pleased to know that Bing has now announced their new Beta for Bing Shopping Campaigns!

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